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“We both got so excited that we were woooaahing every dice roll and drum rolling on the table. Board games don't usually do this to people.”
— Iain Macintosh, The Athletic

Manage top-flight clubs and sign world-class players.

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In a league
of their own.

The Bundesliga and LaLiga expansion available now.

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The home game.

Invite your closest rivals over for a showdown beneath the kitchen table floodlights.

Bonfire-level bonding.

Gather round! Then gather points. Tactics, training, real life transfer negotiations … it's all right there.

As are your opponents.

True platform independence.

Any flat surface will do for a game of football Superclub. You won't even have to use your sweaters as a goalpost.

The Superclub universe is expanding.

Your journey starts with Superclub, but it doesn't stop there. Discover our amazing selection of expansions.

Ready to build your own Superclub?

and enjoy countless hours of fun

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