Superclub is a premium football manager board game where you compete face-to-face with the ones you love … to beat.

Invest in your squad

Football fans, meet the perfect tabletop game for friends, families, and other great rivals. Just take it out of the box and head for the top of the table.

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One-time purchase. Lifetime enjoyment.

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More of everything (requires Superclub).

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5 stellar reasons to get Superclub!

  • Premium quality 💯
  • Ridiculously engaging 🤩
  • Tactically challenging 💡
  • Endlessly replayable ♻️
  • Real face-to-face competition 🤝

Hello, boss!

I’m B. Friend, the club’s kit man. Come with me, I’ll teach you the Superclub game rules so that you can see exactly why the Superclub game rules.

Why Superclub is really special:

1. Real freedom

Unlike a digital game, Superclub is unconstrained by rigid coding. Negotiations are live and face-to-face, not fingers to algorithm. Want to structure an unusual transfer deal? Feel free. Or how about making a new winning condition? The game is a framework, the rulebook a suggestion. Do what you want with it. Whatever it takes to win.

Why Superclub is really special:

2. Real unpredictability

Football fans, players, managers and pundits – we all like to pretend that we can make sense of everything that happens on the pitch. That everything is deserved, and nothing is lucky or random. In truth, luck always has a part to play, and in Superclub we don’t hide it. Our saying: Dice can win matches, only skills win trophies.

Why Superclub is really special:

3. Real people

Digital football manager games may have more stats and complexity. They might even have fancy licenses for "real" players. Problem is, they’re not real. You and your friends are, and you’ll soon find that it’s more fun to negotiate over fictional players with real people than digital versions of real players with pre-coded algorithms.

Contact the team behind the club

We’re all football supporters. How may we support you?

How Superclub was discovered. Not invented.

Origin story: Superclub is so highly intuitive, that it should have been invented years ago. We’re sorry it took so long.

Welcome to the club

This is a very reliable account. A real ITK when it comes to Superclub. I recommend you follow it and get all the exclusive inside information about the beautiful game.

Meme Shearer,
Social Media Specialist

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