The revolutionary
football manager
tabletop game

Superclub is a premium football manager board game where you compete face-to-face with the ones you love … to beat.

June 2021

The World’s First Official Superclub!

September 2021


with guaranteed availability and priority shipping!

A new batch of Superclub games will arrive in June. Make sure you get yours, pre-order today!

Sold out

One-time purchase. Lifetime enjoyment. Football is good on a screen, but it's so much better live with Superclub! This box contains everything you need to start playing the best and most social football manager game on the market.

Superclub - The football manager board game

The perfect gift 🎁

For friends, families, and other great rivals – or yourself. This beautiful game lets you compete face-to-face with the ones you love … to beat.

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5 stellar reasons to get Superclub!

  • Premium quality 💯
  • Ridiculously engaging 🤩
  • Tactically challenging 💡
  • Endlessly replayable ♻️
  • Real face-to-face competition 🤝

Superclub Screensavers

Download free screensavers for mobile phones, laptops and tablets.

Learn how to play

Hello, Boss! I’m B. Friend, the club’s kit man. Come with me, I’ll teach you the Superclub game rules so that you can see exactly why the Superclub game rules.

How Superclub was discovered. Not invented.

Origin story: Superclub is so highly intuitive, that it should have been invented years ago. We’re sorry it took so long.

Welcome to the club

This is a very reliable account. A real ITK when it comes to Superclub. I recommend you follow it and get all the exclusive inside information about the beautiful game.

Meme Shearer,
Social Media Specialist

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New batch ready for pre-orders 📦

The first ever Superclub batch got sold out in February. We’re thrilled to announce that Superclub will be back in stock soon! The new batch will arrive in June, and the line starts here.

Buy-back clause

We’re so sure you’ll love the game, that we offer a 30 days money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

International transfers

Superclub will arrive in 100% condition. We ship from the EU to anywhere – safely and quickly with tracking. Tolls and customs might apply.

Personal terms

Your personal data is 100% safe with us. We’ll never share it with any third party or misuse it in any way.