Superclub Rivals is a highly competitive card-based take on a fierce football rivalry.

Two manager play a total of 9 matches against each other with an off-season (transfer window ++) between each one. Whoever wins the final match is the champion.

The matches are quick, tactically challenging and super fun. Given that there are only 9, each one feels as crucial as a real-life local derby. The off-seasons prepare you for the next match. They are strategic, transformative and well … also super fun.

The game gets more intense with each match as both teams will continue to improve every off-season. Imagine the best striker in the world becoming available on Deadline day, causing your opponent to rue spending all his funds upgrading his stadium.

Superclub Rivals was created by the same team that gave the world Superclub (if you haven't been here before, have a look around!). Rivals packs all the best things about Superclub into a smaller format with quicker playing time, more beginner-friendly learning curve and a much lower price.

Handshakes and shirt swaps,
-Audun, Kjetil, Kjetil, Håvard, Jenny and JT.

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