The Italian Jobs – Player, Creator & Superclub Manager

The Italian Jobs – Player, Creator & Superclub Manager
Stefano Rossi, a.k.a. Steve, is a passionate football fan of the Rossoneri persuasion, a content creating YouTube star and, of course, an avid Superclub manager. Sometimes he combines all three for maximum effect.

We will have introduced you before this question, but in your own words: who are you and what do you do?

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I'm Steve, a passionate football fan and creator for several years. I am an avid AC Milan supporter but love football in all its facets. On my YouTube channel, I also run a series where I talk about the weekly events of my amateur football team.

Football seems to be the general theme, can you describe your relationship with football? When did it start, do you play yourself and how intense is the passion now?

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My father passed on his passion for football to me, and from him, I inherited the Rossoneri faith. I love analyzing matches, expressing my opinions, and sharing my perspective in videos. I still play football in my village's amateur team, and for me, that is the purest and most essential form of football: we're all a group of people who work, come home late, and still find time to train in the evening, even if it's cold or raining. This shows more than anything how much we love this sport. I started playing in the youth leagues and worked my way up to 11-a-side football before moving on to 7-a-side, where I still play.

Beautiful! What makes football the greatest sport in the world?

I believe football unites people and cultures more than any other sport in the world.

Agreed. Who’s your all-time favorite footballer and who’s your favorite active player?

From left: Olivier Giroud, Steve, Theo Hernández. Photo: Private

My all-time favorite footballer is Ronaldinho. I couldn’t wait for him to get the ball to see what he would come up with next, and he always amazed me with something absolutely brilliant. My favorite current player is Theo Hernandez; there are obviously others who are stronger, but I see myself in him when I play, and he's also one of the best players on my favorite team.

Brilliant players! Over to aspects of football that are not so brilliant. Say that you're the president of FIFA for a day. What’s the one thing about football you would like to change?

I would eliminate time-wasting, perhaps by introducing actual playing time. Football should be fun, fast-paced, and thrilling. Time-wasting kills the sport.

Amen! Clock management is one thing, you see that in many sports. But in football where the clock never stops, time-wasting has become a game within the game. Speaking of games, which football game have you spent the most time on in your life?

I can say without a doubt that it's table football.

Nice! We have one of those in the office as well. When and where did you first discover Superclub?

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I discovered Superclub during a collaboration at my 3vs3 football cage event. I fell in love with it immediately and got many friends involved who had the same reaction. Now we're kind of a club, and we periodically meet to crack open some beers and play until late at night.

Love it! What made you want to try it out, and why did you keep playing?

I was curious to see how the management of a football club could be translated into a board game. Once I tried it, I found that the game had much more pace than I expected and perfectly recreated the feeling of managing every aspect of the club. At the end of each season, I couldn't wait to start the next one to try to close the gap with the teams ahead of me. The expansions have definitely raised the experience to the max, and the ability to use real players is priceless.

Sweet. Do you have a favourite club in the game, and why were you attracted to that club?

I've played from the first match with the AC Milan expansion.

Of course! Finally, what exciting things do you have in the pipeline and where can people find your work?

I am organizing the second edition of THE CAGE, my 3vs3 football cage tournament. This time it will be a multi-stage tournament, played in four different cities, and the winners of each stage will face off in a heated final stage. The players will be a mix of creators, influencers, and former footballers—it will be an unmissable event! You can find all updates here:

From left: Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Steve. Photo: Private

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