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Will you make the game in other languages too?

Yes, we will at some point. As of right now, we don’t know which language will be up next, but German is definitely a strong possibility. If you want the game in your language, make your voice heard by casting a vote in our Next language poll right here.

To move your language ahead in the queue, make your friends vote as well.

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What happens when you play a draw in Supercup?

It's all decided in a penalty shootout. Select five players to take a penalty. The better the player, the higher his chances are to score:

  • 6-star players score every time.
  • 5-star players score 5/6 times – roll 2 or higher to score.
  • 4-star players score 4/6 times – roll 3 or higher to score.
  • 3-star players score 3/6 times – roll 4 or higher to score.
  • 2-star players score 2/6 times – roll 5 or higher to score.
  • 1-star players score 1/6 times – roll 6 to score.

The Superclub opponent doesn’t have individual players, but having made it all the way to the final, we can assume that they’re high quality. So all of them are 5 stars to start with, meaning that everything other than a 1 roll would be a goal for them.

Start the penalty shoot-out by having the opponent roll one die to see the result of the first penalty. Then it’s your turn to put your first player forward and roll (if it is a 6-star player, just take the goal).

Continue like this until you have rolled five times each, or until it is mathematically impossible for one to catch up to the other.

In case of a draw after five penalties each, it’s time for sudden death where the opponent’s ability drops to 4 stars and you take one penalty each until there is a winner. All 11 players must take a penalty before any player can take his second penalty. After 11 penalties, if it for some reason goes that far, the opponent’s ability rises back to 5 stars for the next five penalties.

How do Key staff members work?

We have a section on the website dedicated to explaining all the Key staff members in Superclub. Please visit the Key staff page

Do you ship Internationally?

Yes. All shipments originate in Europe, so shipping time and cost will increase with distance. Outside the EU, UK, or Norway, import taxes may apply. Please consult your specific country’s rules and regulations regarding import from the EU.

Do you write these reviews yourself or is the game really that good?

It is that good! (This one we wrote ourselves). Read all reviews here.

Do you have any plans for further expansions?

Yes, Superclub will continue to grow. Sign up for our newsletter to get notified when something new is happening!

Why is Superclub so expensive?

Considering what you in the box, we wouldn’t call it expensive at all – Superclub is a premium product. We never asked ourselves «how cheap can we make this game?». Instead, we obsessed over the question «how good can we make Superclub?».

The biggest factor driving up our prices compared to some simpler games are the manager folders. They are made from custom-ordered, soft-touch, black-core paper normally used only in high quality cards. You get 4 of these folders in Superclub and 2 more in the Top Six expansion, and they are gorgeous, practical, and absolutely essential to the playing experience.

We understand that Superclub is an investment, but you can be sure that it is a long-term one. It’s infinitely replayable and super high quality.

We encourage co-ownership of games, as Superclub is all about bringing people together. There is no solo-mode in Superclub, nor will there be. It’s made to share – so why not share the cost with a friend?

I have a business proposition for Superclub, who do I contact?

How exciting! Please send an email to

Where can I buy Superclub?

For now, this website is the only place in the World where you can get your hands on Superclub. Subscribe to our newsletter and get the latest Superclub news first AND a 10 % discount on your next purchase (excluding official licensed club expansions) 😃

How to place the cards in the tray

This is our suggested way to place cards, game pieces, bills and club pads in the tray. Your manager folders, game board, draft board and rulebook can be placed on top of the cards. Happy unboxing, boss!

Learn how to play Superclub

You’re the newly appointed manager of a top flight football club. A decent club, not a great one. Certainly not a Superclub, although becoming one is the objective. The question is: Can you manage?

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Subscribers to our newsletter get the latest Superclub news first AND a 10 % discount on their next purchase (excluding official licensed club expansions).

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We’re so sure you’ll love the game, that we offer a 30 days money-back guarantee.

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Superclub will arrive in 100% condition. We ship from the EU to anywhere – safely and quickly with tracking. Tolls and customs might apply.

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