The company

Superclub AS is a game studio located in Haugesund, Norway. We are the proud makers of global football management board game sensation Superclub and its many expansions.

Our official birthday is May 13th 2019, but the founders started working on the game long before that.

Now we work on expanding the game even further, both creatively and commercially. It is going really well.

The people

As a tiny company with huge ambitions, the people who work at Superclub have no place to hide. And luckily, no reason to, as one of our ambitions is to be the best place to work. Not just in Haugesund but in the known universe.

Kjetil Hetlevik Johansen

CEO & Co-founder

Jenny Henriksen Leite

Project Manager

Jan Terje Solgård

Customer Success Specialist

Håvard Aa. Strønstad

Chief Operating Officer

Kjetil Sande

Chief Design Officer & Co-Founder

Audun Egenberg

Creative Director & Co-founder

The city

Haugesund is a small city on the southwestern coast of Norway. It is a very nice place to live, not too crowded. It does rain quite a bit here and it can get windy, but that’s alright – more time to stay inside and develop great football management board games!

There are downsides to Haugesund, though. With big fjords to the north and south, beautiful mountains to the east and the mighty North Sea to the west, getting here can be a tad cumbersome. Plane, ferry or mountain pass, those are your options. No trains.

(Edit: Technically we have this «road train», basically a dressed up tractor with three trailers, taking cruise tourists on little sightseeing trips around town in the summertime. So yeah, we still have no trains.)

In that sense, Haugesund is a bit like New York: if you make it here, you’ll make it anywhere. If you do make it here and you have some business to discuss, please stop by our office.

The address is Haraldsgata 159.

The game

There was a time not so long ago when you could probably get away with saying that something was «the best thing to ever come out of Norwegian football». It wouldn’t be saying all that much.

But if you know football, you know that the above statement would be incredibly bold today as Norway has some of the biggest football stars out there. That’s why we say that Superclub is the best thing to ever come out of Norwegian football 😉

(Hvis dere leser dette, unnskyld Erling, Martin, Ada og alle andre norske fotballikoner. Vi bare tøffer oss litt. P.S. Å kopiere dette og lime det inn i en amerikansk teknologigigant sin oversetter, er juks!)

If you want to learn more about why the game is so great, see literally any other page on this website. They’re all about the game.

As are we.