Why I Love Superclub | Roger Gascon

Why I Love Superclub | Roger Gascon

Meet Roger Gascon, the Spanish Superclub translator and a massive fan of Superclub. You may recognize him for his tutorial videos where he shares his knowledge and passion for the game. We had the opportunity to sit down with Roger to learn more about why he loves Superclub.

How did you first get into Superclub, and what drew you to the game?

I first saw an advert on facebook and it immediately caught my eye. “A football manager board game? That seems interesting!” After seeing the ad two or three times, I got really appealed by the game and started looking for information about it. When I finally bought it, I enjoyed it so much that I immediately bought the Top Six expansion, and all other expansions as soon as they were published.

What are your favourite aspects of the game, and why?

It’s easy to learn and I’ve found out that even people who don’t know a thing about football enjoy the game. It’s fun, strategical, challenging, and also, anyone can win at any moment. Superclub can be unpredictable, and it has the Captain Boost, which always evens the game. Additionally, I really enjoy training, traits in the Powerhouses and Wild cards expansions and all the plays on words in Superclub.

What’s your most memorable Superclub moment, either from a particular game or a particular season?

Every game I’ve played has been thrilling, with lots of exciting moments, especially with 5 or 6 players, but I recently played one 5-player game to remember. It usually takes us 2 ½ hours and 4 or 5 seasons to have a winner, but that day the game lasted for 4 ½ hours and 7 seasons. We just couldn’t stop playing. Long story short: In the 7th season, 3 managers reached 100 points, and the other two finished with 98. Ultimately, the player who lost Garibaldi in the 3rd season won the game.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to become a better Superclub player?

First of all, in the Draft choose the most suitable players. That doesn’t necessarily mean the players with the most stars – observe your team and their strengths, chemistry stars, etc., and choose accordingly. Try to have two very strong lines rather than a balanced starting 11 and adapt tactically to your opponents to outsmart them. Invest in the stadium and if you have several talents that can reach 5 or 6 stars, get your Training level to level 3 or 4. And remember, the goal is not winning the first season, but reaching 100 points or winning 3 seasons plus the SuperCup.

Why do you love Superclub?

I love how the creators managed to replicate such a complex thing as football in a board game, with its tactics, strategy, injuries, events, while at the same time keeping it simple enough so that games don’t last a lifetime but you still see your team evolve and get better and better. Football is so much fun because it’s unpredictable, any team can win any match, and Superclub manages to recreate this unpredictabiliy. Superclub is so much fun.



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