The Superclub culture

As a young, up-and-coming company trying to make history in the fast-moving world of football gaming, we’ve given a lot of thought to the kind of culture we wish to create within our company. We believe that the following three behaviors manage to both capture the current office vibe and serve as valuable quick guides for future members of our tribe.

We play
to our strenghts

We firmly believe that Superclub is the best in the world when it comes to non-digital football games. Our customers overwhelmingly agree. Similarly, everyone at Superclub have their own little areas of expertise. Being #1 doesn’t mean that we can’t improve – we can and we will. It means that we have a great platform on which to build something incredible. Sure, we’ll iron out some kinks along the way, perform some tasks that we’re perhaps not perfectly suited for just because the situation calls for it. But mostly, most of the time, we play to our strengths.

We strive
for long-game wins

Building a global community takes a lot of time … and work. Yes, many of our responsibilities as caretakers of Superclub feel more like play, but not all of them. We never shy away from putting in long hours in order to satisfy our customers. We never take shortcuts out of laziness or shortsightedness. We believe that quality always pays off in the long run. That’s why we strive for long-game wins.

We belong
at the top of the table

Togetherness and big dreams, these are the keys to the success we’ve had so far. Superclub – both the game and the company – is fueled by social interactions and a deep sense of belonging to group that can achieve miracles. As we continue to grow our global presence to match our lofty ambitions, we plan to expand into the digital realm as well. At the same time, we will never forget our roots. One sentence sums it up perfectly. We belong at the top of the table.

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