Martin is playing Superclub in real life

In his day job as CEO of Norwegian top division football club FK Haugesund, Martin Fauskanger leaves the tactics to his Key staff members. But at home, while steering Blue Mountain United through fierce rivalries with his two sons, matchday is where he finds the most joy.
Martin is playing Superclub in real life

We’re calling Superclub a football manager board game, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. As a Superclub manager, you’re in charge of much more than just what happens on the pitch. Not since the all-powerful managerial legends Sir Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger put their manager folders back in the box some years ago, has a football manager typically been seen as someone responsible for all aspects of the club. In modern football clubs, sporting directors, analysts, scouts and executives play a massive role and hold huge sway in the clubs decision making. None more so than the CEO.

We caught up with football club CEO and Superclub fan to ask some quick questions about his love of the beautiful game … and of football, of course.

Why should football fans who are not that into board games give Superclub a try?
If you love football and getting together with your friends, you won’t regret getting into Superclub. It’s comparable with a poker night – the thrill and excitement of a match in Superclub is very similar to heads-up poker when the stakes get high.

Martin, why do you like Superclub?
Growing up I was a big fan of Football Manager (and Championship Manager). Superclub manages to recreate that magic in a social setting with friends and family.

It’s fun for the whole family and it captures the ebbs and flows of football perfectly, alternating between off-season and season. It’s just a great football game.

What’s THE best thing about the game, if you have to choose?
Matchday tactics. I love to surprise my opponent with a creative line-up in a critical game. It’s something I never get to do in my job, and I really like it - when it works.

Who do you play Superclub with?
Mostly with my two sons, but also with with friends whenever we manage to get together.

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What’s the perfect amount of managers around the table?
I’d say 4 managers is perfect. 5 and 6 is a lot of fun, but the game can take longer to complete. Also, I don’t mind a couple of SIM matches every season.

What’s your favourite Superclub expansion?
Until you make a FK Haugesund expansion, I’ll have to say Top Six. Even when only playing 4 managers, the added player cards, Key staff cards etc. in Top Six make it a must-have expansion.

What’s the most challenging aspect of playing Superclub in real life, aka running a professional football club?
I like to plan and strategize. To see strategies come to life – real growth and the fulfillment of potential – is very satisfying. There are so many aspects to running a football club. Player development, football philosophy, stadium upkeep and improvements, marketing … and the constant need to get results. Everything has to be balanced, and deeply rooted in the community. The fans are the true owners of any football club, and every decision has to be made with them in mind. But you can’t forget the board of directors or the clubs employees either. It’s a fun job, but it’s not easy.


If you could change one thing in football, what would that be?
Racism, and hate in general. That would for sure be top of the list. I think there’s progress on many fronts, but there’s still a ways to go before football truly is for everyone.

On a more local level, if you’ll indulge me, I’d really like to see the Haugesund Cup Curse end. Teams from our region, not only FKH, have made a total of 6 trips to the Norwegian Cup final, winning precisely 0.

Finally, you’re in charge of FK Haugesund in a game of Superclub, and we’ve reached the Investments phase. What do you invest in?
I’d say Scouting and Training at this point. We already have some really good Key staff members and a nice little stadium with the best pitch in Norway. FKH is not the biggest club in the world and we need a good player development platform and a solid network to maximize our player logistics. I think we’re well placed to start climbing the table next season.