Original vs New … which version of Superclub or Top Six is best for you?

Original vs New … which version of Superclub or Top Six is best for you?

We just launched a new version of Superclub and the Top Six expansion – and at the same time cut the price of the Original versions by a lot. So what’s the difference between them? Are the new ones really new, and do you – as a current Superclub owner – need to upgrade?



‘No’ is the short answer. If you already own Superclub, there are only two very specific reasons to upgrade:

  1. English is not your preferred language. You’d rather have the game in German, Spanish, Italian, French or Portuguese. We’ve finally got you covered! (Superclub only, not Top Six)

  2. You suffer from colour vision deficiency and struggle to see if a player card is red (defender), yellow (midfielder) or green (attacker). The new version has a ‘traffic light’ on the player cards showing the player's position with tiny check marks.

If you speak English, see colours and don’t yet own Superclub or Top Six, you can save a lot by getting the original version!

There are a few changes to the new ones, but they’re primarily cosmetic, and the original is still an absolutely amazing product for the vast majority of our customers.



What’s new?

  • The box designs are new and more retail-friendly, with a nice, explanatory illustration for the Superclub box and a new club-focused design for Top Six.

  • The cards are split into smaller decks, raising the quality of the cutting.

  • More components are language neutral (less text, more icons).

Everything else remains the same … except the price point!

Get it while you can – when the Originals are out of stock, they’re gone forever.