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Wild cards

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Mini expansion, major impact! The wild cards mini expansion gives you as a Superclub manager fresh and highly interesting decisions to make. It will definitely have you racking your brains for new ways to win … but getting it is a total no-brainer.

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Veterans 👴

Attacking/defensive midfielders 🟢🟠

Enforcers (trait) 💪

Tacticians (trait) 🧠

Comeback specialists (trait) ⤴️

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The company strives for sustainability by utilising sustainable wood in their products and non-toxic colours free from harmful chemicals or dyes.

Expand your game

Field notes

Field notes

Notebook for the observant.

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SIM opponents.

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Top Six

Top Six

More managers. More everything.

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Wild cards

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Wild cards expansion rules

Wild cards might be the wildest Superclub expansion so far. It introduces 1 new player type, 2 new player positions and 3 new traits.

Here’s how they all work

This is Superclub

The easy-to-learn, hard-to-master, impossible-to-dislike football manager board game.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Rasmus Raahauge
World Class

If you thought you have it all, you haven't tried wild cards expansion - just Wauw

Francesco Monti
ottima implementazione!

le wild consentono di rendere il gioco notevolmente più interessante e imprevedibile! ottima espansione!

Matt Ince
Game changer

The funny thing about Superclub is that I thought it was perfect. I was worried that adding Wildcards would spoil the balance of the game.

I was wrong of course and adding Wildcards has turned my 10 out of 10 game to an 11.

Veterans make you question everything about your squad and what you are looking for when scouting or on deadline day.

During the draft it’s even harder, do you take a 5 star veteran now or a 2 star talent with potential of five?

Possibly the most necessary expansion after The Top Six expansion.

Eivind Javnes

Wild cards

Scott Ginyard
Small box, big variety

Really like the mix of player types and traits! Gives the game some more dynamics and more strategy when building your team! Hoping for a Wild Cards sequel ;)

Jake Waterfall
Versatility and Variability

Superclub, the base game, is phenomenal. Add to that the Top 6 expansion and the Power House teams and the player cards that come with these and you have a very very strong set of players that allow for growth and ways to push towards the two winning conditions.

The Wildcards pack really diversifies and maximises the best parts of the game. It adds more versatility with the attacking and defensive midfielders, but also ways to affect your progress towards the win conditions. The veteran players losing stars as you go means you can prioritise short term success but may lose overall star value along the way. Coupled with the enforcer suddenly you have to fight to protect your vets. And finally the tactician and comeback specialist cards add another way to boost match play wins and use them as a different veritable when selecting a line up.

A great set of expansion cards with fun variables and concepts, I hope for more new ideas such as maybe a “set piece specialist” on a player and that allows you to roll a dice and say if you roll an odd number you gain an attacking point (like scoring a goal) or lose an attacking point (or multiple)

its missing explanation

The cards look good , great to have new players and use the veteran system
But the explanation is to little .. like the orange and lime colored players, what does that mean? Are they the attacking and defending midfielders?
It’s not clear in the help book (like its missing a pictures about it)
I would make a video on you’re site and/or YouTube explaining it
Same goes for the ‘powerhouses’

But still a great game

Thank you for your feedback on the Wild cards expansion. We apologize for the confusion about the orange and lime colored players. They represent attacking midfielders (light green/lime) and defending midfielders (orange). We will consider adding a video explanation to better explain these features. We appreciate your support and feedback.

– JT

Anže Cerar

This expansion pack realy invigorate the game🔥

Joao Coelho

Could be very cheaper. 25€ to Portugal is too much for a pack of cards. Besides that, the cards have quality and add much fun to the game

Giorgio Villanelli

Wildcards expansion is a perfect balance your game.
Is the perfect addiction to improve your game experience while upgrading to more complex game dynamics

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