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“If you thought playing with 4 people was good, try with 6! The expansion is a must in my opinion.”
— Ben

Top Six

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Gather round, everyone! Top Six unlocks the full potential of Superclub. It comes with two brand new clubs, enabling six managers to play simultaneously. It also offers utility players, super talents and a bunch of really cool Key staff members.

Managers: 5-6
Language: English


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Two more clubs to manage 🤝

More player cards ⚽️

Utility players 💜

Super talents to develope 🤩

More of everything 🏆

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Our Manufacturer, Ludo Fact, has been environmentally conscious for over 25 years. They use regional sources to minimise transportation distances and reduce their environmental impact and are a pioneer in the field of carbon-neutral electricity production ⚡

The company strives for sustainability by utilising sustainable wood in their products and non-toxic colours free from harmful chemicals or dyes.

Expand your game



SIM opponents.

Add to cart: £27 95

Wild cards

Wild cards

Player cards expansion.

Add to cart: £14 95

Field notes

Field notes

Notebook for the observant.

Add to cart: £11 95

Top Six

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Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews
Jack Edger

Top Six

Sean-Anthony Hughes
I simple love it.

I play it quite a lot with friends of 5. So its a very hood addition

Hans Halpin
Good addition to game

Wish there was some way to tell difference between original and top six deck so you can remove when you are playing 1_4 players

Glenn Lervik

Top Six

Christopher Johnson
Excellent Product

This product perfectly compliments the Superclub Original game which has become a hit within my family immediately. It brings the family together each weekend for a game of Superclub and we even have tally who has won the most leagues!

Overall excellent product

Johannes Eidem
Great expansion

Adds great gards to the original game. The more the merrier. Also the cards and bricks feel better and have greater visibility.

Ian Bayliss

Great game

Perfect expansion

I would say everyone needs this expansion. Not only because it allows you to have exciting 5- and 6-player games, but also especially because it comes with more player cards (you'll never run out of player cards during a game), and many of these cards bring an added value: utility players (players who can play in any position except as a goalkeeper), young talents whom you can train from 1 to 6 stars... Since I got it, always play with this expansion, even for 3- or 4- player games. Love it.

Silviu Juravle
The Best

The Best game

Julius Schwarting
Nice Expansion

Very nice extra to play this game with even more friends!

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Shipping Worldwide 30 Day Money Back Guarantee Loved by Thousands Supremely social