The football manager board game

This 2-6 player competitive game places you in the manager seat of a newly promoted football club – with everything that entails.

Balance funds, stadium expansions and scouting. Buy superstars and develop hot prospects. Implement your tactics and react to unforeseen game changers – all while pushing for points in a competitive league consisting of your family and friends all battling for the ultimate victory – the Superclub trophy.

The gameplay is fast, decisions made instantly, but long-term thinking is rewarded. Spend your money wisely, decide your tactics carefully, because while you might be a footballing genius, your friend across the table might be sitting on a Game Changer you didn’t expect.

What's in the Superclub (base game) box?

This is included in the base game: Game rules, game board, draft board, 237 player cards, 18 SuperCup cards, 20 Key staff cards, 37 Game changer cards, 24 Investment cards, 4 Point markers, 6 Captain boosts, 4 Squad tokens, 4 Club pads and 4 Manager folders.

Supremely Social 🥳

You know what beats gathering your friends around a board game? Nothing. A game of Superclub can take anything from 2 hours to 22. Because when you win you can’t wait to win again, and when you lose, you’re revved up for a riveting rematch.

Superclub is old-fashioned in the sense that when was the last time you just sat around a table, talking? It’s also fresh and something completely new, because the last time you did sit around a table, talking, it was probably while watching a football game. We just combined the two. Already convinced?

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Ridiculously engaging

Feedback from Superclub players tends to include the words «suddenly hours had gone by». If you’re the kind of person who enjoys getting so involved that you lose track of time, welcome to Superclub.There’s so much to do, and so many ways to succeed. It’s probably never happened that a game ended without someone whispering «rematch». Or indeed, screaming it.

Change up your tactics 🤔

Choose a formation, select your starting 11 and go for all the points!

Invest in your facilities 💸

Place your money in the long-term future of your club: Academy, stadium and scouting network.

Sign players 🤝

Scout player(s) from The worlds of football, and sign talented youngsters and other players to your club.

Hire key staff 🚀

Key staff members are an excellent way of improving your club, both on and off the pitch. You have three slots available for Key staff members.

Endlessly replayable ♻️

You didn’t feel at home with Yellow Bay Town? Then try your luck with Red Valley Rovers. Change your formation, invest differently, hire different staff. You can’t possibly play the game the same way twice – every time you sit down the challenges will be different. 

Premium quality 😙👌

Running your hands along your manager folder, you feel the quality. We haven’t skimped on the materials, we’ve excessively over-designed the visuals and play-tested the rules to the extent that our families are wary of answering our calls. We know that the main, unbreakable rule of board games is to have fun, and we’ve built everything around that.

Your favourite club ❤️💙🖤

The jewels in the Superclub crown. Europe’s top clubs have joined us to offer you the chance to play with players you watch every week, at stadiums whose very names echo with football history. You only need one friend to own the Superclub base game, the rest of you can get the club packs and join in the fun.

Your favourite leagues 🏆

Replace the base game players with players from the great European leagues like Bundesliga or La Liga. If you want, there’s also the option of using all sets of players at once.

The Locker Room ⭐️

Over on Facebook, our most dedicated players are gathered in a forum of sorts called the Locker Room. Here, we debate the game, clarify rules, help newbies and discuss the optimal tactics for beating your friends.