The Superclub gift guide

With its material quality and beautiful design, its replayability and friend-gathering power, Superclub is a great gift for someone in your life. Which someone? All of them.

For the one who has everything

What do you buy the person in your life that has everything? Especially, if that person owns the Superclub base game, the Wild Cards Expansion and one or more of the Manager Expansion kits?Well, fret no more. There’s no way that person also has the fully updated 2022/2023 Milan squad Player Cards. So there. Now you know what to get.

For the sibling

In the history of the world few things have been more constant than the love/hate relationship between siblings. You’ll do anything for them, and anything to beat them. Take your loving rivalry to the next level by getting your brother or sister the Superclub base game, then insist on game night. There can be only one champion, but there’s always a rematch.

For your father

Fathers and their football nights, eh? Extend those nights by combining his love for the beautiful game with, er… a beautiful game. He won’t tell you, but he’s still sore from having to accept that he can no longer comfortably beat you at anything. So give him the chance to get back on top, back where he in his mind belongs: at the head of the table.

For your mother

Correct, your mother who’s into board games is going to get a kick out of Superclub. Why? Because it’s a great board game. Even if she’s not into football, she’s still into quality time with you. Enjoy the warmth of the moment when you gift her Superclub and tell her that you’re looking forward to playing with her. Cue the tears.

For the love of your life

They say the greatest gift is time. Some say that, anyway. And quality time is the best kind of time, so gift your loved one hours of fun at the table, with you and your friends in common.

For your best friend

There’s nothing as enjoyable as gloating over your best friend when his or her team loses against yours. Gloating is a key component of Superclub, because it is in football. You probably already own the Superclub game, so gift your friend the Manager Kit of his favourite team. If only to make the schadenfreude even better when you stomp all over his darling players.

For your worst enemy

The previous tactics will work just as well as a gift to your greatest rival. 

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