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We’re a young startup obsessed with creating the greatest football gaming franchise in the world. Some of the biggest clubs and leagues are already on board. Soon we’re going digital, collectible and global – with five new languages launching soon.

As the business grows, so does the team. Life as a Superclub professional is super fun, super hectic at times and always super rewarding. Do you want to be a part of our growth? Check out our vacancies below and apply today!


What do the words Superclub, box and office have in common? They are the basis for our company's three divisions (departments, if you will). Put together in pairs; the words accurately and affectionately describe what each division is responsible for and how the people in them spend their working hours. 

The Superclub Office:

This is our corporate division and the division in Superclub that most resembles a normal office. Responsible for ensuring smooth operations throughout the organization, the Superclub Office is home to all administrative tasks, HR, legal, and finance, as well as B2B opportunities and partnerships. The division is headed by our CEO, Kjetil Hetlevik Johansen, and in order to work here you should be driven, efficient and constantly eying improvements and opportunities across the board.

The Superclub office is in regular contact with several of the world of football’s largest clubs, leagues and organizations, making it a cosmopolitan and hugely exciting place to work.

Available positions:

The Superclub Box:

This is our product development division, where the magic of Superclub first sees the light of day. Creative, playful and love of football are qualities we value in members of «The Box», as it’s hard to put something inside the boxes that we ship out to our customers that we cannot muster within ourselves. You’ll find both Superclub creator Audun Egenberg and Chief Design Officer Kjetil Sande plugging away in this division. 

Available positions:

The Box Office:

The people responsible for bringing Superclub out to the people work in the Box Office, our sales and communications division. Known for being friendly, helpful and outgoing, they are both the face and the heart of the operation. Responsibilities range from customer support and SoMe management to webshop optimization, copywriting and logistics handling. Everything that is B2C goes through here. The department is led by Chief Operating Officer Håvard Aa. Strønstad.

Available positions:

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