Our Journey

That football manager board game that’s been lurking in the back of your mind for years … when do you sit down and actually take the time to draw some sketches and write the rules? For AD/copywriter Audun Egenberg, the answer was “you don’t”. Until he took a solo trip to a mountain cabin with no Internet, no TV, no nothing.

As it turned out, his suspicions were confirmed. The perfect framework for a football manager board game does indeed exist. Sketches in hand, Audun approached the owners of Tada – the advertising agency they all work in – and proposed that they make it together. After all, Tada’s talented in-house designers, paper magicians and business managers, plus a good idea and a lot of time, is really everything you need to create the perfect board game. 

Stian Iversen, AD/partner in Tada who knows absolutely nothing about football (but everything about paper) said “let’s go!” on the spot. CEO/partner Kjetil Hetlevik Johansen who knows a lot about football (and business) said “let’s go!” before he’d even crunched the numbers. Kjetil Sande, designer/partner in Tada who knows a lot about board games, a thing or two about football and everything about design, said “let’s go down to the office tonight and get started!”

Kjetil (the designer) and Audun spent countless hours over many evenings making, re-making, deleting, reconstructing and fine-tuning the game until it was ready for the first test game late in January 2019.

Fast forward nearly a year (and a dusin versions), the game is soon ready to launch. We hope you love it as much as these people do …