Frequently Asked Questions

What languages will Superclub be available in?

For now, the answer is English only. If there is enough interest from other countries, then we will make it in that particular language at some stage. If and when any new languages are added, we’ll tell you about it in our newsletter which you can sign up for at

Where do you ship to?

Football is played all over the world. Superclub should be no different, but at the moment we’re limiting shipments to the European market. Stay tuned for updates by subscribing to our newsletter.

When is estimated delivery?

We expect to deliver Superclub the first batch of games in June 2020, right in time for the European Championship.

Is Superclub super complicated?

There’s a lot happening in Superclub, but we’ve tried to make the game tactically and strategically deep, while keeping it streamlined and easy to learn. You might need a season or two to get to know the game and your team, but so do professional managers. In order to take full advantage of all the game mechanics, we recommend the game for managers who are at least 13 years old. That said, we’ve had hugely enjoyable gaming sessions with 11 years old managers and assistant managers as young as 8.

How many can play Superclub?

The standard game comes with four manager folders, while the Top 6 expansion pack allows two more to join the title race. More managers means longer seasons, fewer simulated games and extra faces to rub your titles in.

How long does a game run?

It’s possible to complete a game in 90 minutes, but you should always expect a little extra time. Superclub is not a game you whip out during a break. It’s not designed to be a dessert, nor an appetizer. Superclub is at its best as the main course of a social gathering.